We work every day to create the optimal conditions that will give an ambitious talented athlete or coach the opportunity to excel in the sporting field and to achieve a final level in the educational field that fits the intellectual capabilities of the talent.

We develop individual talent by offering structured training methods in a passionate learning environment. We encourage autonomy by which participants themselves think about what they want to achieve, how they think to achieve it and why it contributes to achieving the maximum out of his or her performance.

We strive for the highest achievable and dream of it that everyone achieves their maximum development and that we deliver multiple players to national teams and (foreign) top clubs.

“I have never seen a team make a debut. Individual players do. Therefore, an academy should focus on individual development”

– Johan Cruyff –

#Coaching development

As you define your coaching, you want to expand your vision and explore proven training methodologies. With out a platform you can do just that. We are dedicated to providing complimentary and alternative coaching education courses.

Team Alkmaar / Sportstars

TEAM ALKMAAR / SPORTSTARS is a (5 a side ) footballclub in Alkmaar.

We have 3 Womenteams, 3 Manteams en 4 Youthteams who play in the competition of the national football association..

The 1st womenteam got 3 internationals.




With passion we guide our players and coaches to achieve their goals and promotes their careers both on and off the pitch. Whether it concerns extra development, career advice, contract negotiations, club transfers, advertising and equipment contracts, and individual financial advice.

We been characterized by a personal approach making the needs of our players and coaches our priority. Our focus is always primary on career planning whilst seeking further opportunities and commercial endorsements during and after their sportcareers.

"If you have the oportunity to help someone, you have to do it""

-Johan Cruyff -

Football For Friendship (F4F)

28 may - 2 june 2019 Madrid

10 july - 15 july 2019 Ufa (Russia)

Sportstars is the Dutch ambassador of Football For Friendship (F4F).

More information about F4F you will found at the website: https://footballforfriendship.com/




We organize and participate to the best sportsevents contributing to improvement of the young athlete's potential in order to achieve their maximum.


We have a global and trusted network of partner organisations and clubs throughout different countries. If you intrested to have the experience of a lifetime you are welcome to ask us for options.

Events and tournaments


31 aug - 1 sep @ Woippy (Fr)

International Elite small pitches tournament

10 july - 15 july @ Ufa (Ru)

International Children Games (ICG)

28 may - 2 june @ Madrid (Sp)

Footbal 4 Friendship 2019 (F4F)

25 april @ Alkmaar (Nl)

International F4F day

18-23 april @ Pordenone (It)

Play in Italy Cup 2019

5 - 8 april @ Vaxjö (Swe)

Girls Elite Cup