individual development

The best way to develop talent is to immerse young football players/football players in a passionate self-regulating environment. Our players and actors train, learn and excel in a way that only very few young athletes experience. The gettingbettereverydayprogramm will change them forever. The trainings are based on the same-regulatory methods that encourage players to find more effective solutions with vision, precision and speed.

Autonomy for maximum individual development

In order to be a self-regulating total footballer/football player, players have mastered cognitive skills, competences and character. We have developed a everydaygettingbetter total development portfolio in which we define detailed per item The complete soccer player/football star so that the young footballer/soccer player knows what is expected if he/she wants his/her potential Maximize. We start with every aspect of the intended performance to reflect on this we set goals, plans, monitors and evaluate to set goals again. An intelligent self-regulating player who can perform his/her options under real pressure in real time is a player willing to compete at a higher level.


Succes is a journey not a desti


Life is simple Eat, Sleep, Play Soccer

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take

Dreams are so important, but you have to enjoy the ride too

Don't let anyone to tell you what you can or cannot do. Prove them wrong

Hard work beat talent when talent doesn't work hard